Raised in Venice, CA a mile from the beach by my mother and step-dad, I’ve always considered myself a little hippie & a little hood.  Growing up a half a mile from the Venice Boardwalk exposed me to a myriad of people – from artists to skaters & surfers to gang bangers.  All of these things had an influence on me and my outlook on life.

At 21 I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer, given a 20% chance of survival and a month or so to live.  I entered into a clinical trial within weeks.  This also greatly affected my outlook on life.

At 34, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.  This is an issue with brain chemistry and is not just as simple as taking a pill.  I hope to educate others and raise awareness about mental health issues through my stories.  Thank you for reading my blog.