Evolution of Thinking

I went to a high school graduation today and while most of the valedictorian speeches were the same old shit you’ve heard time and time again, one line stood out to me. I had to make a note of it.  “Evolve beyond the illusions that divide us.”  I like the way this kid thinks; however, are they really just illusions?  In his mind, they are.  There are clear divides between social classes, races, sexuality and religion. Wars are being fought over such things.

Can we evolve in our way of thinking as a human race? We have evolved a lot in the last 100 years.  In the 1950s blacks were still segregated in parts of the country.  How far will this next 100 years take us?  We are now celebrating Pride month that is dedicated to being proud of your sexual orientation.  Why can’t we evolve even more in our way of thinking?  We can.  Are we really all equal and only divided by manifestations of our mind?  That can’t be true.  We can never be truly equal – nature has taught us that.  There are alphas that stand out among the species.  We can however learn to stop judging one another.

In my own family, I am looked down upon because my financial status has changed. I am no longer a cog in the corporate wheel.  I personally feel the judgment and the inferiority.  When are we going to judge others by the way they treat people, by how kind their heart is rather than what race they are, what they wear, who they sleep with or what religion they are?  Is this younger generation trying to erase the lines that divide us as a human race?  One would only hope.  It inspired me at the least.  I don’t know if I will live to see it but I hope we do “evolve beyond the illusions that divide us.”  I hope it inspires you.  Try being more open-minded today.  You never know.  It could have a butterfly effect.


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